Break away from the traditional air freshener with this functional design with real scents that are always phthalate free. Made of natural hand-cut wood, soaked in essential and fragrance oils, magnetized to fit perfectly on your visor with a metal clip. Made  from sustainably sourced wood for passive scent diffusion, in the usa.


Contents: Magnetic Wood Scent Block, Adjustable Metal Visor Clip


Scents Available: 

  • Amber : golden moments after a fresh rain-storm, intimate candlelit dinners, new rituals for self-care with notes of  fresh rain | lavender | amber | sage
  • Cabana: inspired by moments spent on warm sandy beaches, coconut beverage in hand, getting bathed in that salty sea breeze with notes of coconut | bergamot | cedarwood | sea salt
  • Coffee: a way for you to get your morning fix with our brand new coffee scent with notes of  roasted coffee bean | dark chocolate espresso | hint of vanilla
  • Grove: this one is full of fresh mountain greens, crisp citrus, and good vibes with notes of  mountain greens | sugared citrus
  • Mill: a scent as fresh as an early morning sauna session, long loved home projects, or a hike through the cedars. classic and simple, full of earthy wood and juniper with notes of  balsam pine | juniper berry
  • Teak: hints of fresh tobacco leaf, teakwood and musk. this scent is what we call a power move with notes of  musk | amber | pepper | teak | cedar

Product Care: scent is maintained by sealing in bag provided  and out of the sun until ready for use, do not use on any other surface than provided metal clip, contact with oils can damage some surface.


Ingredients: plastic from recycled materials, fragrance and essential oils

vegan, cruelty-free and pet-friendly with no parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, dea, mineral oil, petroleum, propylene or dichlorobenzene. all of the good, none of the bad.

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