Why whole leaf tea is preferred over tea bags

Posted on December 28 2015

Ask any tea aficionado, and you will likely hear many reasons why drinking whole leaf tea is an entirely different experience from drinking tea that's made from tea bags. There's more to this hotly debated topic than meets the eye. Let's look more deeply into it.

Know What You're Getting
Whole leaf tea primarily consists of unbroken tea leaves, but the opposite is true of tea bags. You see, tea bags are made up of mostly dust and fannings, which is the term that we use for parts of the broken tea leaves.  It can be hard to find tea bags that offer truly fresh tea because, once the leaves are broken, they more easily lose their flavors and fragrances. That's why, in most cases, whole leaf tea tastes better and fresher.

Catechins Work Wonders
When it comes to green tea, whole leaf tea is especially important. Green tea contains lots of catechins that can boost your metabolism, but they are more abundant in whole leaf tea.  Also, tea bags themselves can absorb some of the catechins and they degrade over time. Since whole leaf tea is typically not stored as long as tea bags, it is the best choice for those who seek to benefit from health-boosting catechins.

Finally, when you next have to make the choice between whole leaf tea and subpar tea bags, keep in mind all the rewards of going with whole leaf tea. The real bargain will be choosing the tea that is delicious to drink and most beneficial to your health and well-being.


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