The benefits of Regen's Soy Aromatherapy Massage Candles

Posted on November 28 2014

The ideal candle should do more than just look pretty. It should create a soothing atmosphere and relax you with its subtle aroma.

Our Soy Aromatherapy Massage Candles do that and more. Our line of affordable candles will revitalize your senses and leave you relaxed and calm. They will even leave you with a soothing massage oil to moisturize your skin.

Variety. Our soy candles are available in nine different fragrances, from cinnamon to sandalwood.

Moisturizing. Regen's soy aromatherapy candles melt in a soothing massage oil that will moisturize and refresh your skin.  

Longer burn time. Our candles last longer than other similarly-priced soy candles.
Non toxic.  There's nothing toxic about our soy candles, not the scent, the oil or the candle itself.

Affordable. We don't think you should have to spend a fortune to get high quality candles. Ours start at just $10.

Made in America. Our candles are hand-poured, right here in the United States.


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